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The Beatles - A Day in The Life: August 23, 1964 (Sunday)


Hollywood Bowl, North Highland Ave. Los Angeles, California, USA

Capitol Records recorded the group at the Hollywood Bowl, a concert attended by 18,700 fans. Capitol planned an album for issue to the US record market only, since it was felt then that record buyers in Britain, although obsessed with anything by the Beatles, would not be interested in an LP of songs already in their collections, even if these were different recordings.

The concert was recorded, all 29 minutes of it, the tape was mixed, but it received a thumbs-down from Capitol and the Beatles because of poor quality and was put away until January 1977, when the three-track tapes were exhumed for the release of the historic live album, The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl.

From start to finish, the performance was also captured on film, by an amateur cameraman/woman and also by a newsreel company.

After the show, and for the next two days, the Beatles rested at a private house in Bel Air, only going outside for a private party, held in their honor (and in aid of a charity) during the afternoon.

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