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David Bowie Admitted The Beatles Inspired 'Space Oddity'

23 January, 2022 - 0 Comments

During an interview, David Bowie said The Beatles inspired his hit “Space Oddity.” Bowie subsequently contrasted his lyrics with John Lennon‘s. Bowie also explained why he drew from other artists in his songs.

According to the book Bowie on Bowie: Interview and Encounters with David Bowie, the “Let’s Dance” singer discussed his music in a 1973 interview with NME. NME noted the use of puns in “Space Oddity.” “I must own up to The Beatles for creating that kind of feeling,” Bowie said. “The one thing that I really adored about [John] Lennon’s writing was his use of the pun, which was exceedingly good. I don’t think anyone has ever bettered Lennon’s use of the pun.”

Bowie compared his use of puns to Lennon’s. “I played on it more; Lennon would throw it away in one line,” Bowie opined. “I tend to build a song upon it. I treat my puns a lot more seriously.”

Source: cheatsheet.com


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