CD-RINGO Goodnight Vienna

CD-RINGO Goodnight Vienna
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Goodnight Vienna


1 (It's All da-Da-Down to) Goodnight Vienna 2:34
2 Occapella 2:56
3 Oo-Wee / The Blackberries 3:46
4 Husbands and Wives 3:36
5 Snookeroo 3:29
6 All by Myself 3:24
7 Call Me 4:08
8 The No No Song 2:34
9 Only You (And You Alone) 3:27
10 Easy for Me 2:21
11 (It's All da-Da-Down to) Goodnight Vienna (Reprise) 1:21
12 Back off Boogaloo 3:22
13 Blindman 2:44
14 Six O'Clock Extended Version 5:23

This is another great Offering from Ringo. The CD is even better than the LP because you get some great bonus tracks. First, you are treated to a John Lennon piece, "Goodnight Vienna." Sir Winston plays piano on this piece. The song is done with warmth and gusto. From this opening track you can immediately tell that Ringo is enjoying himself.