Beatles Kid Shirt: The Beatles Yellow Submarine Characters - Toddler to Youth - Blue

Sizes 3 to 14 Year old The Beatles Yellow Submarine 1968 marked the release of Yellow Submarine, an animated musical adventure film inspired by the music of The Beatles. The film features the classic numbers Nowhere Man, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and All you need is love. 100% Cotton.
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Avilible in Baby to Youth



Age                        Chest Size

1-2                          66cm = 25.9843 inches

3-4                          72cm = 28.3465 inches

5-6                          78cm = 30.7087 inches

7-8                          84cm = 33.0709 inches

9-10                       90cm = 35.4331 inches

11-12                     96cm = 37.7953 inches

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