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Paul McCartney Says a Song From The Beatles' 'Revolver' Has 1 of His Best Guitar Solos

23 May, 2023 - 0 Comments
  • Paul McCartney played the guitar solo on a song from The Beatles’ Revolver that he didn’t write.
  • He said he played his favorite guitar on that track and The Beatles’ smash hit “Paperback Writer.”
  • Revolver was a No. 1 hit in the United States and the United Kingdom for several weeks.

Paul McCartney was asked to name the best guitar solo he ever played. He praised a solo on a track from The Beatles’ Revolver as well as a song from one of his more recent albums. In addition, Paul discussed his favorite guitar.

During a 2020 interview with GQ, Paul was asked to name his best guitar solo. “What immediately comes to mind is the ‘Taxman’ solo,” he said. “I think that’s pretty good.”

That’s an incredible understatement! The solo from “Taxman” helps open up Revolver on an energetic note. It also makes “Taxman” one of The Beatles’ most fun album tracks. While Paul played the solo on “Taxman,” George Harrison is the only credited writer of the song.

Paul also praised one of his more recent songs. “And then I actually did something on my Egypt Station album, which was a whole track of me playing guitar and that was pretty good,” he said. Paul did not name the song in question from his album Egypt Station.

Source: Matthew Trzcinski/cheatsheet.com


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